1. What is Recycle Rewards?
Recycle Rewards is a transparent, on-demand, safe and trusted way to dispose of your dry waste. Built on a tech & data driven approach to address the waste management problem.
There are multiple ways to classify waste. We can bifurcate waste into the following categories: dry waste & wet waste.
We are a one stop solution for all your dry waste. You can check out the detailed list of the 50+ items we collect here.
We do not take wet waste, biomedical waste, hazardous waste, etc. If you still have any questions about any exclusions, you can reach out to us at info@recyclerewards.in .
Separating waste as per their generic material type is called segregation. This helps in reducing waste contamination, efficient recycling and diverts waste from being dumped into landfill.
No, there is no minimum quantity of waste per pickup. We would appreciate any order quantity exceeding 10kgs, for you to gain better rewards.
Download the app and signup by entering your details. Schedule a pickup and our collection executives will come to your doorstep, complete your experience and reward you.
You can download the app from Google Play Store (Android) on link and Apple Store (iOS) on link.
We have an exclusive platform for you to choose from, we have ensured that there is complete freedom of choice at your fingertips be it cash, digital payment or rewards. You can check out a glimpse of rewards here.
Browse our extensive range of products, add to cart, checkout and redeem points to claim your reward.